Whatever their industry, Xledger gives every customer the room to grow. Multi-entity organizations can setup quickly and expand without limits. Xledger automatically consolidates data for every entity in your enterprise. Managers can drill-down to supporting documentation or drill-through multiple views for 360° understanding. With support for numerous languages and all currencies, Xledger’s cloud ERP truly empowers your ambition.

Challenging to stay current with financial data?

For managers of complex or multi-entity organizations, it can be challenging to stay current with financial data for all entities. Multiple challenges hinder insight:

  • Reporting in several, often competing, systems
  • Reporting in Excel
  • Data that isn’t real-time
  • Complexities around multiple currencies

Overview and control

Xledger is the cloud-based ERP solution that meets the needs of large and complex organizations. Access up-do-date overviews of consolidated financials, along with complete details from every entity in your enterprise. With Xledger, you have:

  • Overview of the enterprise’s total cash position, balance, unpaid bills, and bank accounts
  • More transparency in enterprise financials, combined with less risk of errors
  • Management has more control, no matter the size of the organization
  • Easy monitoring of revenues and expenses for all companies
  • Drill-down to the lowest level of detail at the push of a button
  • History of transactions and financial status – both central and local.

Flexible and scalable

Xledger equips growing enterprises of any size to add new business units or acquired companies. Since Xledger is cloud based, you can work seamlessly across your entire global organization. Our multi-tenant architecture heightens your efficiency while slashing your IT expenses. You can login anytime, anywhere, and from any device with a web browser.


We support 22+ languages and all international currencies. We provide flexible currency management at both the entity and consolidated levels.

Xledger empowers 10,000+ organizations in 50+ countries with best-in-market automation, insight, and scalability. We offer an ideal fit for distributed and multi-entity organizations of all sizes, from global nonprofits like CURE International to shipping networks like Galbraith’s.