You need to know how your organization is doing. Too many systems complicate this simple truth. Xledger understands that insight isn’t optional: it’s imperative. Xledger equips you with real-time insight through advanced BI tools, including configurable reporting, role-based dashboards, and multi-dimensional inquiries. You can drill-down to the transaction level with supporting documentation, or you can drill-through for 360° understanding.

Xledger allows every user to analyze the data they need in the format they want. See into every corner of your organization. Examine real-time data from every angle. In Xledger, you can make confident decisions now.

  • Generate recurring or as-needed reports—Xledger automates report creation and distribution
  • Enjoy 24/7, 99.99%-uptime access to the market’s most powerful set of integrated BI tools
  • Evaluate your data in minute detail and from every possible angle
  • Drill-down to the transaction level or zoom out for a bird’s-eye view
  • Drill-through multiple views and formats for a 360° understanding of your financial health
  • Use Xledger’s patented flex screens to filter, sort, pivot, chart, analyze, and export data—all in one place, and all at lightning speeds
  • View last years’ transactions in a bar graph or employee vacation leave as a heat map
  • Get estimates for any project in a dashboard configured to your needs
  • Never again wait for end-of-month close—with automated consolidation in Xledger, you can inspect every part of your distributed enterprise