Xledger offers unified financial management tools for real estate companies of all shapes and sizes. We automate a wider range of manual processes than any competitor, from bank reconciliation to subscription and recurring billing. Our market-leading BI gives you flexible insight into every property in your portfolio. Xledger eliminates obstacles to your growth, enabling you to explore new opportunities while maximizing profits.

Challenges facing real estate companies

Those who work in today’s real estate market must overcome a range of difficulties. Real estate professionals must:

  • Closely monitor the financial status of every property in their portfolio
  • Manage accounts for every tenant (whether dozens or thousands)
  • Budget and predict cash flow across accounts and entities
  • Ensure regulatory and tax compliance while maximizing profit

Automation and real-time insight

Xledger equips you to overcome these challenges.

We deliver powerful native functionalities for core accounting, billing, and asset management, along with flexible integrations for common external applications.

In Xledger, you can get real-time insight with a set of BI tools that includes role-based dashboards, configurable reporting, and multi-dimensional inquiry screens.

  • Highly automated functionality for subscription and recurring billing
  • Instant access to complete rental and tenant financials
  • Setup easily and grow without limits on Xledger’s ultra-scalable solution
  • Master reporting with automated tax deviations a full enterprise-wide audit trail

Xledger empowers 10,000+ organizations in 50+ countries with best-in-market automation, insight, and scalability. We serve real estate customers of all kinds, from land trusts to property management firms.