The Customer

ILAC stands for the International Legal Assistance Consortium. ILAC is a global non-profit with more than 50 member organizations representing more than three million legal professionals around the world. Founded in 2000, ILAC grew out of the need to develop legal skills and expertise in post-war regions. Today, ILAC operates worldwide, with dedicated staff in Brussels, Liberia, Washington, and Zambia.

We sat down with Finance Manager Olof Sjögren to discuss how Xledger has transformed ILAC.

The Challenges

Xledger: What were you looking for in an ERP solution?

Olof Sjögren: Our organization works constantly with new projects and joint ventures. In our role as a ‘spider in the web,’ if you will, we need the support of a financial system that facilitates project coordination and administration. Our central concern when we started searching for a business system was our need for tailored donor reports. We didn’t find any other system that met requirements like that without overly expensive licenses or costly implementations.

Also, many of our employees have the world as their field of work, meaning that they need support to deal with many odd currencies for travel expenses. Xledger handles this, and it was an important factor for choosing Xledger.

The Solution

Xledger: What results did you see after you chose Xledger?

Olof Sjögren: Xledger makes us cost-effective and allows us to be more useful on the ground in the countries where we work. Also, XGL, Xledger’s customizable snippet of twelve free dimensions, which we ourselves have been able to define, makes it possible to meet our requirements and simplify donor reporting considerably.

Xledger: What has been your individual experience with Xledger?

Olof Sjögren: I have worked in many major nonprofit organizations and used many systems, including Agresso. I don’t miss any functionality from previous systems I worked in, but rather I feel that Xledger has a very comprehensive functionality that supports all ILAC needs.

X: Thank you for your time, Mr. Sjögren.

Olof Sjögren: It’s my pleasure.