Integrated, efficient, the perfect fit

Xledger equips not for profits and charities around the world with powerful capabilities for financial management. We combine fund accounting and donor management into one solution, giving you better insight into every corner of your organisation. Xledger reduces your costs, heightens your efficiency, and frees your resources for mission-critical tasks like fundraising and making a difference.

Requirements for tax-exempt organisations

If you serve a not for profit or charity, then you will understand the challenges. In today’s world, tax-exempt organisations must:

  • Meet stringent reporting demands from regulators, donors, and the public
  • Operate with the minimum in overhead and the maximum efficiency
  • Secure funding against threats like tax reform and a changing donation landscape
  • Adapt fundraising to the age of crowdfunding and social media

Integrated, efficient, the perfect fit

Xledger enables you to overcome these challenges.

We provide powerful native functionalities for core accounting, fundraising, and donor management, along with flexible integrations for common external applications like Donorflex, Raiser’s Edge, and Salesforce.

Xledger automates more of your manual processes than any competitor—from procurement and workflow to fund accounting and donor management.

  • Get real-time insight with Xledger’s market-leading BI tools
  • Access and analyse your data using role-based dashboards, configurable reporting, and multi-dimensional Enquiry screens
  • Xledger offers robust budgeting tools. Create, upload, or devolve multiple budgets
  • Compare any budget you choose to your organisation’s actual finances
  • Automatically generated VAT return – Support for partial exemption, both activity driven and period end calculations

We deliver these advanced capabilities through our true, multi-tenant cloud. With Xledger, you can expand service without increasing overhead. Access Xledger anywhere, anytime, from any device for one pay-as-you-go subscription fee.

Xledger empowers 10,000+ organizations in 50+ countries with best-in-market automation, insight, and scalability. We serve tax-exempt organisations of all sizes and levels of complexity—from regional hospitals to global aid networks.