Xledger has powerful capabilities for the leisure and tourism sector. You can now use one integrated cloud finance management system to manage your entire organisation.  Many businesses are choosing to move from costly on-premise finance systems to the cloud. Xledger is true cloud and proven to reduce costs, improve efficiency and free up resources and time to grow your business. We help clients within travel and tourism organisations to help gain a full picture of their project profitability.  We work with the likes of 5-star holiday village Ribby Hall, Gudvangen UNESCO Viking Village and VossActive Active Adventure.


Gain insight so you can better understand your customers.  With Xledger you can manage campaigns and analyse results using drill-in dashboards, reports, multi-dimensional enquiry, pivot charts and other analytics tools.  This insight will empower your charity to maximise reach and impact to all constituents.

Strengthen your business finance with:

  • no upfront capital investment or monthly tie-in
  • simplified finance operations through automation
  • cost reductions and increased productivity
  • improved financial control via real-time reporting
  • automatic upgrades free of charge (quarterly)
  • real-time insights with all-role based dashboards
  • integration with banks and built-in OCR
  • no IT infrastructure, just browser/internet connection
  • multi-company data drill down from consolidation to individual level

Over 10,000 organisations in over 60 countries worldwide use Xledger Cloud ERP to run leaner more efficient systems and to free up resources. If you are a finance professional or decision maker and would like to request a demo or just get in touch for a chat to find out more, please don’t hesitate to email our team of experts in charity accounting finance or by ringing 0117 3291050.