How true multi-tenant cloud ERP is driving efficiencies through automation, insight and scalability

Xledger gives energy companies the business management tools they need to prosper. Our finance management solution combines limitless scalability with market-leading business intelligence functionality. We automate a wide range of processes, from bookkeeping and invoicing to bank reconciliation and asset management. With Xledger, you can optimise resources, satisfy customers, and maximise profits.

Challenges for energy companies in the modern economy

Whether wind farms or oil refineries, today’s energy professionals must:

  • Ensure real-time insight across entities, resources, and infrastructure
  • Comply with demanding financial and environmental regulations
  • Manage project-specific workflows
  • Scale their business for new assets and customers

Modern business management tools

Xledger empowers your organisation to navigate these obstacles. We supply robust native functionalities for core accounting, project accounting, and asset management, along with flexible integrations for common external applications.

Xledger simplifies and automates more processes than any competitor—from bank reconciliation to invoicing.

We deliver these advanced capabilities in our pure multi-tenant cloud. With Xledger, you can swiftly add new business units at no extra cost. Access Xledger anytime, anywhere, from any device for one pay-as-you-go subscription fee.

Xledger empowers 10,000+ organizations in 50+ countries with best-in-market automation, insight, and scalability. We equip organizations throughout the energy industry—from production and storage to transportation and management.