The Customer

Tussa Kraft is the parent enterprise for a group of companies specializing in renewable energy, telecommunications, IT, and the sale of energy and communication products. Headquartered in Norway, Tussa Kraft was founded in 1949 and has been producing and supplying electricity ever since. Tussa Kraft has grown into a market-leading utility with five entities, hundreds of employees, 19 hydroelectric power plants, and a wide range of energy, telecommunications, and IT products.

The Challenges

Tussa had an old-school on-premise ERP system that was ripe for replacement. It was expensive to maintain and didn’t operate in new technologies. ‘It was on the cards that we needed to switch to a newer version of the same system,” says Chief Accountant Knut Øyvind Myklebust. However, Tussa “realized that we really did not need major customization and tailoring. The challenge with traditional systems is that they can be developed in different directions, and it will quickly become very comprehensive. We do essentially the same as everyone else in accounting and economics, and therefore chose to check out more solutions.”

The Solution

According to Myklebust, Tussa evaluated five ERP systems. Xledger caught his eye. “The functionality we looked at in Xledger far exceeded what we saw in the other competitors.” Tussa agreed with Myklebust and signed with Xledger in December of 2017. “Xledger has all the functionality we need already in place,” Myklebust reports. “Now we automate processes such as invoice handling, timetables and travel plans. And not least, I look forward to better reporting opportunities with real-time data. “Xledger is growing, and we see new things coming forward that we can benefit from in our development of the group.”