The Xledger story begins in 1996 with software architect Jarle Sky’s move to Palo Alto, California. Then cofounder and product director of an on-premise system, Sky arrived in time to witness the explosion of web-based businesses.

Amid the accelerating dot-com boom, Jarle had a vision: a business management system created and hosted entirely on the cloud, based on subscription, and accessible via browser from anywhere in the world.

He brought his vision to the executives of Agresso. Seeing their lack of interest, he resolved to pursue the dream on his own.
Along with colleagues May Helen Kvarberg and Lennart Holen, Jarle resigned from Agresso and founded Xledger in 2000. The team began a painstaking development process. When it launched in 2006, Xledger Cloud ERP outstripped larger competitors: a true cloud system with seamless updates, unified design, and powerful functionalities.

Today, Xledger is the most automated and unified ERP system on the market, with four offices empowering tens of thousands of customers worldwide.