Xledger’s comprehensive CRM equips you to create and cultivate the relationships on which your organization thrives. Nurture relationships with prospects, customers, suppliers, donors, partners, and more. Plan and monitor relational events, from phone calls and meetings to demos and webinars. Analyze statistical data for any contact. Establish campaigns with automated actions and events for every contact you include.

Xledger’s CRM functionality falls into eight core areas:

Case and Action Management

  • Allocate cases based on type to customers, suppliers, contacts, prospects, and more.
  • Arrange different types of actions for each case type.
  • Define the next level of action for when the current action has been accepted or completed.
  • Analyze outcomes and effort with a summary of all activity over a given period of time.

Contact Management

  • Register all the contacts, individuals, and companies associated with any relationship.
  • Review, follow-up with, and include these contacts in campaigns and actions.


  • Establish and manage multiple types of campaigns.
  • Initiate a campaign.
  • Compile your target user base from other datasets in Xledger.
  • Include, for example, relevant customers and prospects using filters such as region, industry, or company turnover. Xledger will then track actions, store documents, and prompt follow-ups relevant to your campaign.

Prospecting and Pipeline

  • Inform your sales process with prospect details ranging from contact persons to credit information.
  • Structure the customer journey with defined actions, next steps, full descriptive narratives, linked documents, responsible persons, progress percentage, and more.
  • Map prospects and touch-points throughout the process with Xledger’s graphically illustrated pipeline.

Membership Management

  • Track, define, and follow up on your members and memberships.
  • Define frequencies for automated membership billing.
  • Automate invoice distribution according to each member’s chosen billing and payment method.

Donation Management and Project Fund Management

  • Efficient methods for recording, tracking, managing, and reporting on your funds and received donations.
  • Steward donors with thank you letters, donation campaigns, and electronic bank integration for donor payment systems.

Document Management

  • Reduce and eliminate paper storage with Xledger’s electronic document record.
  • Capture source documentation for all financial and relational events, including contracts, statements, employee documents, and relevant correspondence.
  • Scan, email, or drag-and-drop documents into Xledger. The system will sort documents into types and restrict access by role.

Email and Calendar

  • Read, write, and manage your emails and calendar within Xledger. Simply integrate Xledger with your Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange account.
  • Link emails to cases and actions within Xledger’s CRM for historical tracking and a complete overview.