Xledger empowers you to cultivate the member and donor relationships your organization thrives on. Manage multiple dimensions of information about donors and members, from contact details and demographics to past touch-points and donation preferences. Conduct campaigns for fundraising, advocacy, news sharing, and more. Evaluate success with robust insight tools in Xledger’s fully-unified ERP solution.

Features include:

  • All member and donor information accessible in one place
  • Donor management unified with core accounting
  • Comprehensive analysis with market-leading insight tools, including configurable reporting, tailored dashboards, and multi-dimensional inquiry screens. Filter, sort, report, and export by dimensions including fund, donation type, project, and budget
  • Automated donation processing and management
    • Checks: Scan donor and member checks into the Xledger application; Xledger will extract the relevant data, allocate to the appropriate donor contacts and funds, and send properly formatted files to your bank for remote deposit
    • Credit Card: Via integration with merchant services partners, Xledger uses tokenization to handle donor and member credit card transactions
  • Track multiple dimensions of donor, member, volunteer, employee, and board member information: demographics, gifts, donations, pledges, subscriptions, commitments, schedules, sponsorships, contact points, connections/relationships, giving history, giving levels, tasks, status activities, attendance/participation levels, donation designations and restrictions, pay methods, donor groups, and more